Business Partnership

Business Process Outsourcing

Organizations of all sizes and from all industries can benefit from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Northstar offers first and third party services with distinct and effective strategies utilized to ensure best-in-class results.

Northstar is committed to the various markets we support and we understand what makes each one unique. Each independent market has dedicated management, teams and support personnel to service their specific requirements.

Northstar is able to provide a wide variety of customizable services to its clients. Utilizing a proprietary platform with a strong communications and information systems infrastructure, all clients customer service needs are met and exceeded. These customized solutions are proven to increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase ROI.

Pre-Charge Off/Post-Charge Off

Northstar’s proprietary collection platform affords the flexibility to design customer solutions.

Quanalytics Audit Services

Development, implementation and execution of custom audit programs.

Training Onsite/Web

  • Onsite learning lab
  • Custom client modules
  • Remote and web-based training available

Motivation & Incentive Programs

50+ years’ experience in the design and development of internal and client based programs.

  • Quality oriented
  • Industry specific

Inbound/Outbound Customer Care

Northstar provides first and third party custom contact programs.

Call Quality Surveys

  • Targeted surveys unique to client requirements
  • Professional survey specialists
  • Live data analysis and reporting

Location Services

Full service skip tracing and asset location coordination.

Quality & Compliance Programs & Processes

Custom quality and compliance programs and processes developed to ensure adherence to regulatory and individual client guidelines.

Quality +

At Northstar, we consider quality to be a vital component of our corporate philosophy. Quality and adherence to compliance measurements are evident within all areas of the organization.

Resolve It

  • Quality Officers
  • Conflict Resolution, Empathy, Negotiation & Listening Skills
  • Live Voice & Speech Analytics


  • Client Specific Reporting
  • Weekly Call Calibrations
  • Quality Reviews
  • License/Insurance


  • FDCPA, Regulatory, State
  • New Hire and Semi-Annual Employee Re-certification
  • Corporate Awareness

Call Monitoring

  • 100% Call Recording
  • Listening Assessments
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Testimonials


Northstar is leading the industry’s migration to more and better uses of technology, implementing initiatives that improve how we interact with our clients and their customers.

The IT organization at Northstar is dedicated to providing unparalleled service by designing and implementing customized client support systems. All call contact centers are supported by one of the most robust infrastructures in the industry as well as comprehensive disaster recovery plans, so you can be assured your business will be placed in an optimal location and will not be interrupted by disaster or network failure.


  • Average industry tenure 23 years
  • Onsite Programming & Development teams
  • Professional, highly-skilled

Compliant, Certified Ready

  • SSAE – 16, Type II Compliant
  • ISO27001 Compliant
  • BS 25999:1 & 2 Certified Ready
  • PCI DSS Self certification assessment


  • Annual on-site security assessments
  • Penetration Testing, Perimeter and Network Assessment scans
  • Encrypted Data at rest
  • Semi-annual Employee security training and certification

Proprietary Platform

  • IBM i5 series, Power7
  • Supported on a data warehouse
  • Capacity and Scalability in excess of 4,000 agents

We consider Northstar an extension of our company, as that is how our customers see them. Northstar provides consistency, professionalism and results.

Agency Manager — Auto Industry Client

Northstar has a vast amount of agency experience. We can depend on them to provide not only collection services, but other industry services, as well.

Agency Manager — Bank Card Industry Client

What drew us to Northstar is their commitment to compliance and results. They have a solid Compliance Program that sets them apart from any other agency in the business.

Agency Manager — Student Loan Industry Client